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Problems in logistics warehousing:

1. Usually, the area is very large, and the mobility of employees is very large. It is difficult to cool down

2. Generally, logistics and storage are steel structure plants. In summer, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature

3. The large building area and poor air circulation lead to poor working environment and low work efficiency, and heatstroke caused by muggy also occurs from time to time. Impact on the enterprise: in summer, the steel structure logistics warehouse is more sweltering because of its large area, and the workers are sweating very hard. Many employees often suffer from heatstroke and dizziness due to the muggy air and high temperature, which not only brings harm to the employees' health, but also seriously affects the production efficiency of the factory.

Guangzhou meishuofeng recommends cooling equipment for logistics storage - Industrial Fan:

1. With large air volume and wide coverage, the coverage area of a single machine can reach 1000 m2, and the air volume is 14500m per minute ³

2. Multi directional and multi angle air circulation, ventilation without blind area

4. Instead of air conditioning, the human body can feel the temperature difference of about 5-7 degrees Celsius. It can be combined with environmental protection air conditioning to achieve the cooling effect of air conditioning

5. High efficiency and energy saving, minimal power consumption, 1.5 kwh per hour for a single machine, high efficiency, energy saving, low carbon and environmental protection

6. Maintenance free, long service life, worry free service, 3-year warranty

7. The fan is installed in a space 8-12m above the ground, which will not affect the normal operation of the ground

Logistics storage cooling solution:

Some logistics warehouses use wall fans and rarely use traditional air conditioners for cooling. However, due to the large warehouse space, centralized goods, scattered staff and large heat in the warehouse, due to different types of goods, there are also requirements for the temperature and humidity of the storage conditions in the warehouse environment. Too high temperature may affect the quality of goods. The traditional cooling method can not solve the ventilation and cooling of large spaces at all, Only a small range of indoor air flow can be increased, the thermal problem has not been fundamentally solved, and the situation has not been greatly improved. So far, the logistics warehouse we contact will choose to install meishuofeng industrial large ceiling fan to solve the problem of ventilation and cooling. The cooling effect is obvious. Not to mention, only 1.5KW power consumption per hour, but also greatly reduce the investment cost.

Effect after installation:

The large ceiling fan of Meishuo wind industry can improve the air circulation of logistics and storage, because the huge coverage area of Meishuo wind industry ceiling fan can bring a wide range of air flow and achieve the effect of overall strong ventilation and personnel cooling.

Guangdong Meishuo energy saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Meishuo wind") is a "one-stop" service manufacturer dedicated to the ventilation and cooling of environmental space, the sales, engineering design, construction and maintenance of energy-saving and environmental protection treatment equipment. Our company has many alliance partners in the production, manufacturing and sales of industrial equipment in China. The company's main products are negative pressure fan and HVLs large fan, External fixed evaporative cooling fan, mobile evaporative cooling fan, evaporative cooling (wet curtain) water curtain, axial flow fan, kitchen fume purification equipment, environmental protection equipment, etc. the products are divided into household type, business type, industrial energy-saving type and other series, which are widely used in family hotels, factory workshops, greenhouse planting, animal husbandry and other public places.

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